How Raw is Your Whey?

In the health and wellness industry, protein supplementation is at an all-time high due to its surge in demand. To be unique and stand out to other protein brand competitors, these manufacturers make heavy CLAIMS…

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Choose the Right Protein Supplement!

Supplementing your daily fitness regime with suitable supplements like protein is an awesome way to boost performance, muscle growth and support weight loss. With an abundance of choice available in the market plus..

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WTF is Keto-Flour?

As the ketogenic diet gains popularity, marketers are trying to play catch up by marketing everything from keto-bread to keto-flour. Several products have surfaced, being labelled as ‘Keto-friendly’...

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Protein + Fat A Prudent Partnership

A Combination of high-quality nutrients in right proportion is required to achieve and maintain health goals. It is important that these nutrients are synergistic and help to meet your nutritional needs.

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Does Exercise Drop Your Immunity?

Regular physical activity or a well-structured consistent exercise certainly reduces the incidences of many chronic conditions. The practice of physical activities can influence healthiness ...

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The science of vasodilation

For people who are training for body building, weight lifting or who are athletes, apart from a muscular physique and lower body fat%, what else is important is a higher vasculature. When you compare two bodybuilders...

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BCAA - How, Why & When

If you are a fitness freak looking for muscle building, chances are you must be taking BCAA or at least heard about BCAAs. They are the literally building blocks of muscles. Without them, you cannot build muscle.

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Are your Proteins hydrolyzed enough?

Imagine this. Covered in sweat, getting your pump on, you’ve probably just finished an intense session and are feeling great! You reach for a protein shake especially ‘’whey Hydrolyzed’’ to repair damaged muscle...

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Reduce your risk of Muscle cramps

You're running or sleeping and all of a sudden, you get a twitch in your muscles. Such muscular cramps, which are involuntary in nature, forcibly contract the muscles and cause severe pain. It happens to a lot of runners/exercising...

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Supplements for a frequent traveller

Travelling for business or leisure may seem glamorous, when you see instagram posts and tweets about check-ins at fancy locations, however truth is frequent travellers are exposed to factors that cause...

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Creatine Supplementation:Unleash The Power

One of the most popular yet controversial supplement that has been used for over decades- Creatine has proven to be a game changer for athlete’s and fitness enthusiasts. But does a certain type of...

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The Weight Gain Challange

You hear people say to you ‘Hey why don’t you gain some weight’ or ‘Do you even eat at all?’ So, what you do now? As always, blame your body type and justify why you don’t gain weight. We all know, the struggle is real!

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Coconut oil and MCTs: The good Fats

Coconut oil, one of the most commonly used oils in India for centuries owing to a whole range of benefits associated with it, has garnered a lot of attention worldwide in the recent years resulting in its skyrocketing demand!

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Whey VS Amino Acids

Amino acids and Whey protein both promote muscle growth, recovery and repair, but how do we choose, and which is best as compared to others? Let’s find out!

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Dehydration is killing your performance

Water is essentially the essence of life wherein all your body processes utilizes it for normal functioning of the body. Hydrating your body is not by choice-It is a necessity!

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Boost your testosterone naturally

Now that the title has attracted the attention, let’s face the harsh truth of the century! Although it’s been always said that the testosterone levels peak at the age of 20 years and star declining post 30 years...

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