The Supplement industry has evolved. We would know. We started it all way back in 1999 when we sold the first jar of protein powder in this country. Little did we realize then, the revolution we were unfurling.

Today's Scenario :

  • Too many Brands, too little Fact.
  • Too much Greed, too little Commitment.
  • Too many Claims, too little Substance.
  • Too much Lies, too little Science.

Every global sports nutrition brand wants a piece of the Indian action. Clever marketing, fancy packaging, media ownership. Mr Olympia, Mr Universe, Cheese companies, IT Geeks, you name it. Well here’s the thing about us; we’re not fat guys in suits selling you the latest and the greatest, which hits our industry every six months. And vanishes equally fast. We dig through mountains of research before an ingredient ever makes it to the Ingredients Panel of any PROCEL product.

We used to once be called the favorite market for Colonialists. Because we love everything non-Indian.

Not anymore

  • We know we can produce the best in the world, so far as we use the Best Raw Materials known to mankind.
  • We know we can beat the Masters at their own game, so far as we're committed to invest in our Quality Systems.
  • We know we can create superior products, so far as we get Creative and Scientific.
  • We know we can push the boundaries of Human potential, so far as we’re obsessed with Athletic Performance.

In the nutritional supplement industry, the one thing that stands out is CLAIMS. Big, fat juicy CLAIMS. No substance.

We believe we can change that. We use the one tool, which no-one can claim superiority over. SCIENCE.

PROCEL will change the way, sports nutrition is perceived in India. We use FACT, not fiction to do this. We use SCIENCE, not Marketing to achieve this. Because we know YOU, your body, your pain, your sweat deserves more than just clever marketing. And we pay back with the finest formulations ever seen in the sports nutrition industry.