100% whey


Whey isolate Dominant

30% more leucine then regular whey isolate
Whey isolate + Hydro-peptides - primary source
With proteozyme for peak absorption



2.0 kg


2.0 kg


2.0 kg


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Whey Protein is a popular choice amongst fitness enthusiasts and sportsmen due to its high Biological Value (BV) and favourable amino acid profile, which is rich in BCAAs (Branch Chain Amino Acids). BCAAs help to preserve muscle tissue in high performing individuals and also aid in muscle-protein synthesis. Protein Synthesis is the conversion of food protein to muscle tissue and is the single most important anabolic trigger in your body. LEUCINE, one of the 3 amino acids which make up BCAAs, is responsible for this mechanism.

Product Design:

PRO-STANDARD 100% WHEY was built to push the envelope of protein supplementation to uncharted levels. PRO-STANDARD 100% WHEY sets a new benchmark in the protein category with its best-in-class whey isolate/peptide blend, which is 30% richer in Leucine than ordinary whey protein isolates. More Leucine = More Anabolism.

PRO-STANDARD 100% WHEY is formulated using the purest isolates and hydrolysates directly sourced from pristine dairies around the world. We use selective Ultrafiltration and Crossflow Microfiltration (CFM) technology to preserve the native micro-fractions, without denaturing the natural protein fractions. Formulated, designed and manufactured in-house by the vertically integrated NEUCORP Group, we are truly able to control the quality of PRO-STANDARD 100% WHEY batch after batch, to the last scoop.

Fast Facts


  • 1. What is PRO-STANDARD 100% WHEY?
    • PRO-Standard 100% WHEY is a high-quality Whey Isolate Dominant formula. It is best-in-class whey isolate/peptide blend providing 25 grams protein per serving from Whey Protein Isolate + Hydrolysed whey peptides + Ultra filtered Whey protein concentrate. It also has 6.5 grams of BCAA & is 30% richer in Leucine than ordinary whey protein isolates.
  • 2. What does it mean by Whey Isolate Dominant?
    • PRO-STANDARD 100% WHEY is having Whey Protein Isolate as the primary source.
    • Whey Protein Isolate is a fast –acting protein & the body digests it within 30 minutes of consumption, this property helps to repair damaged muscle tissue & aids faster recovery.
  • 3. How is PRO-STANDARD 100% WHEY different from other whey proteins?
    • PRO-STANDARD 100% WHEY is the best-in-class whey isolate/ peptide blend
    • Whey Isolate Dominant with 3 Fast- acting Proteins
    • 25 grams Protein & 6.5 grams of BCAAs per scoop
    • 30% richer in Leucine than ordinary whey protein isolates
    • Enriched with Proteozymes for Peak Protein Absorption
    • Contains NO artificial flavours or colours
  • 4. What is Leucine & its importance?
    • Leucine is the most abundant of the three BCAAs in muscles. Leucine can be directly metabolised by muscles as fuel
    • Leucine stimulates protein synthesis to build muscle & promotes growth & aids recovery. More Leucine = More Anabolism
  • 5. What are Proteozymes?
    • Proteozymes are full spectrtum enzyme blend that hydrolyses Proteins, Carbs, Lactose & Fats to facilitate their absorption.
    • PRO-STANDARD 100% WHEY encompasses Proteozyme 1 Absorption Blend consisting Protease, Papin, Amylase & Lactase
  • 6. Is PRO-STANDARD 100% WHEY suitable for consumption for vegetarians?
    • Yes. It is derived from milk.
  • 7. Since PRO-STANDARD 100% WHEY is a protein derived from milk, why can’t we simply drink milk?
    • 2 liters of milk yields the amount of whey protein that is there in one scoop of PRO-STANDARD 100% WHEY (25 grams). The body is not equipped to handle whole foods during crucial periods like pre-workout/post-workout, early morning etc & large amount of food at a time may compromise the digestive system.
    • At the same time, larger portion of milk increases the Lactose (milk sugar) load.
  • 8. Since PRO-STANDARD 100% WHEY is protein powder; do I still need it if I eat chicken, fish on a daily basis?
    • Yes. Sports nutrition demands emphasize on certain meals viz. pre-workout/post-workout for optimum muscle gain. Including the right quantum of first class proteins into every meal without compromising the digestion ability is challenging.
    • Also, the rate of absorption & bioavailability of whey is far superior than first class dietary proteins.
  • 9. What is the ideal time to consume PRO-STANDARD 100% WHEY & is it easy to digest?
    • First thing in the morning & post-workout. Whey can also be consumed with/in-between meals to meet up daily protein requirement.
    • Yes. It is easy to digest.
  • 10 Can PRO-STANDARD 100% WHEY be consumed in Milk or water?
    • Ideally have whey with water for fast absorption. Addition of milk can slow down the absorption speed.