A Complete intra-training solution
Over 15g of actives per serving
10g BCAAs per serving to help recovery and fuel endurance
6.5g of L-Leucine per serving to ignite muscle protein synthesis
3g Beta-alanine per serving to buffer lactic acid, improve muscle pH and reduce fatigue
Coconut Powder, Vital Electrolytes & Rehydration Salts
Clean-source, Vegan & Fermented Amino Acids
Micronized for superior absorption



400 g


400 g


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Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) are essential nutrients that the body cannot make on its own, and are heavily depleted during periods of exercise and sport. One of the BCAAs- L-Leucine, plays a key role in muscle protein synthesis, the anabolic trigger which helps form new muscle tissue. Beta-Alanine helps maintain the pH in muscle as well as increases its lactic acid threshold, thereby priming the intra-muscular environment for better performance.

Product Design:

PROCEL ULTRA-BCAA is an advanced recovery fuel designed for Elite Athletes. Each serving gives you over 10g of BCAAs including 6.5g of L-Leucine. It also includes 3g of Beta-alanine in each serving to give you the lactic acid buffering edge + vital electrolytes and hydration compounds for a complete intra-training solution.

Our All-Vegan Amino-acid line is manufactured using a unique fermentation process, which produces a cleaner, clearer molecule as opposed to most other products on the market. All PROCEL amino acids are micronized for superior absorption.

Nutrition Facts


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Fast Facts

Procel Ultra-BCAA product fast facts image


  • 1. What is the difference between a regular BCAA product and Ultra-BCAA?
    • Ultra BCAA is an advanced elite athlete recovery formula. Ultra-BCAA has higher amounts of actives per serving than regular BCAA products. The conventional BCAA products are in the ratio of 2:1:1 with BCAAs of maximum 6 grams per serving. They lack essential compounds such as Beta-alanine, electrolytes and rehydration salts.
    • Ultra-BCAA has 10g BCAA and includes 6.5-gram Leucine per serving for muscle protein synthesis. It includes 3g Beta-alanine for buffering the lactic acid and reducing muscle fatigue and has electrolytes and rehydration compounds for hydration. The amino acids are Vegan and fermentation which yields a clean molecule and are having high bioavailability. The amino acids are micronized and instantized, for faster solubility and absorption.
  • 2. Is Ultra-BCAA similar to advanced BCAA products available in the market?
    • No. Ultra BCAA is a superior formulation with full dosage of only the nutrients that actually make a difference. It has full dosage of B-Alanine to raise muscle carnosine levels to delay muscle fatigue. It has whooping 6.5 gm of leucine to stimulate muscle protein synthesis. Apart from this, superior salts of Sodium dihydrogen phosphate, sodium selenite, Tri-potassium citrate and magnesium citrate are added for optimal replenishment of lost electrolytes. Coconut water powder also delivers best electrolytes in natural form. Ultra BCAA does not have nutrients added for namesake which actually serve no purpose. Ultra-BCAA uses fermented amino acids that have superior bioavailability and are vegan. All the colors and flavours are natural unlike other advanced BCAA products available in the market.
  • 3. What is the best time to consume Ultra-BCAA?
    • The best time to consume Ultra-BCAA is intra-workout or immediately after training.
  • 4. Can Ultra-BCAA be consumed year round?
    • Yes, it can be consumed year-round.
  • 5. What kind of sportsmen can benefit from Ultra-BCAA?
    • Ultra-BCAA is designed for elite athletes, who are into either endurance sports (Marathoners) or strength training. Ultra-BCAA is an optimal recovery fuel, it delays muscle fatigue by elevating muscle carnosine levels with Beta-alanine and also rehydrates and replaces lost electrolytes.
  • 6. Can Ultra-BCAA be used as a rehydration drink?
    • Yes. Ultra-BCAA is formulated with Electrolytic Rehydration salts. The vital electrolytes with superior salts and rehydration compounds make up for the lost electrolytes and help in replenishment.
  • 7. Can Ultra-BCAA be taken at night?
    • Ultra BCAA is ideally an intra-training solution that delays muscle fatigue, improves muscle recovery and replenished lost electrolytes which is attributed to its unique formulation and it is recommended to take Ultra-BCAA during or immediately post training. However, on non-training days, it can be taken at any time of the day according to convenience.
  • 8. What are side effects of Ultra-BCAA?
    • No. There are no side effects of Ultra-BCAA. Ultra-BCAA has Beta-Alanine in it. Beta-Alanine can lead to prickling or tingling sensation usually felt in the hands or feet. This feeling is temporary and will wean off with regular use.