Increase whole-body nitric oxide production
Formulated on a fast-medium-slow approach to N.O. production
Featuring the patent-pending oxystorm


300 g



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Vasodilation is the state in which blood vessels are relaxed (dilated), leading to an expansion of their oxygen and nutrient carrying capacity. This leads to greater blood flow, better pumps and superior nutrient partitioning. Vasodilation naturally occurs in the human body through the production of a gas called Nitric Oxide.

Product Design:

PROCEL VASO-X was specifically designed to cause large increases in Nitric Oxide (N.O) production. VASO-X combines two of the most potent and proven Nitric Oxide boosters- Citrulline and Arginine in aggressive dosages along with another highly potent N.O booster- new Oxystorm red spinach extract for unmatched vasodilatory effects. VASO-X is developed on a Fast-Medium-Slow approach to N.O production by combining these ingredients in precisely calculated ratios.

As always, all PROCEL Amino Acids are 100% Fermented and Vegan for maximized bioavailability.

Fast Facts

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Mix ONE serving (1 Scoop) in 200ml chilled water and drink 5-10 minutes before any physical activity. A second serving can be added 6-8 hours later. Use 1-3 servings a day depending on activity level. VASO-X is a 100% Safe and Natural health supplement, formulated with naturally fermented amino acids and herbal extracts. Vaso-X can be used all-year-round for improved cardiovascular, athletic and sexual health.


  • 1. What are the key benefits of Vaso-X?
    • Vaso-X is a high strength vasodilation complex to boost whole-body Nitric Oxide production.
    • Key benefits of Vaso-X are -
      • Boosts whole-body Nitric Oxide production
      • Unmatched vasodilatory effect
      • Greater blood flow
      • Enhanced oxygen and nutrient delivery
      • Better muscle pump, vascularity and aesthetic appeal
      • Improved training performance
      • Improved cardiovascular and sexual health
  • 2. Is Vaso-X the same as other NO boosters?
    • Vaso-X is a unique vasodilator and unlike other Nitric Oxide boosters, has a potent blend of Fermented Citrulline, Fermented Arginine HCL and patent-pending Oxystorm in supraphysical dosages. This superior combination of specific ingredients in right dosage leads to a highly effective Fast-Medium-Slow release of Nitric Oxide and the high N.O. levels are maintained over several hours as compared to other N.O. boosters.
  • 3. What is the difference between Vaso-X and a regular Arginine or Citrulline supplement
    • Most of the Nitric Oxide boosters use L-Arginine and Citrulline Malate. L-Arginine is highly unstable and is subjected to degradation in the GI tract. Most Citrulline supplements use Malate salt in order to cut down the cost of L-Citrulline. L-Citrulline is stable and is more effective and does not require addition of other salts. Vaso-X is formulated using Vegan and Fermented L-Citrulline and Arginine HCL. L-Arginine HCL improves the delivery, enhances the absorption of Arginine in the digestive tract and makes it more stable. Fermentation of amino acids maximized the bioavailability and produces cleaner molecules.
  • 4. What is Oxystorm ?
    • Oxystorm is a patent pending Red Spinach Extract and has high nitrate content. Oxystorm in Vaso-X contributes to slow release of nitric oxide and extends the vasodilatory effect over few hours.
  • 5. How long can Vaso-X be taken?
    • Vaso-X can be taken all-year-round as it has many health benefits. It can improve cardiovascular, athletic and sexual health and can be taken by exercising as well as non-exercising individuals.
  • 6. What is the best time to take Vaso-X?
    • The best time to take Vaso-X is 5 to 10 minutes before any physical activity as it increases the Nitric Oxide production and vasodilation, which in turn leads to increased blood flow, better nutrient delivery, better pump and improved training performance.
  • 7. What is the maximum dosage of Vaso-X?
    • While all the ingredients in VASO-X are 100% Safe with no clearly established upper dosage, you may want to restrict your daily consumption of VASO-X to a maximum of 3-4 scoops per day to prevent stomach distress or diarrhea. Also, the daily dosage has a dependency on the activity level of the individual.
  • 8. What are the side effects of Vaso-X?
    • Vaso-X is a 100% safe and Natural Health Supplement and is formulated using natural ingredients. Vaso-X can improve cardiovascular, athletic and sexual health. Nitric Oxide boosters may decrease the blood pressure due to vasodilatory effect and anyone with Low Blood Pressure condition should consume under medical supervision.
  • 9. Can Vaso-X be combined with other amino acid products?
    • Yes. Vaso-X is having all-natural ingredients and can be safely taken with other amino acids like BCAA and glutamine. It will not have any adverse effects on the action of these amino acids.